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Renewable Energy NW, LLC is your provider for solar energy. Solar panels are a popular addition to homes for a variety of reasons. Green energy is growing in popularity and desire as energy prices rise and concerns about the environment stay at the top current events.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce or completely eliminate your energy costs. Installed discreetly on your roof, the panels collect the energy created by the sun’s UV rays and are converted into energy for your home. Some people are misguided in thinking solar panels only work for sunny days but with net metering you can bank energy with the power company that allows you to cut your energy costs for nights and winter. Solar systems are not just for residential users. Commercial spaces can reduce their carbon footprint and electricity cost by using a solar energy system.

Solar energy goes beyond the typical solar panels. Solar thermal systems, which are 94% efficient, can heat your water, heat your home and heat your pool.


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What We Offer

Solar Thermal isn’t the same as the photovolatic solar technologies of old. With greater efficiency, and shorter payback time on investment this technology has the power to harness the sun and save on energy costs!

Good For The Environment
We use energy from the sun which is renewable; over time this reduces your overall pollution footprint.

Good For Your Home
Solar thermal HVAC is a clean, renewable form of energy. With over half of your home’s energy cost coming from heating water this can be a big deal!

Good For Your Pocketbook
There are more costs up-front but solar thermal has the fastest payback of any renewable; you can start seeing savings right away!

Solar Thermal For Your Home

Hot water is a big deal! Heating your home’s water can make up half of your overall energy costs, thankfully with solar thermal we can help you cut that in half!

While many people are familiar with traditional solar photovoltaic, solar thermal is something different. Rather than using direct solar uv to generate electric energy it uses radiant ultraviolet light to heat the water for your home directly.

Since we use radiant solar energy to heat the water already coming into your home you’ll have hot water on call day or night, even on cloudy days! Perfect for showers, cleaning, and even keeping your home warm.

Stop spending more than needed to heat and cool your home!
Renewable Energy NW has the experience and the skills to help you harness the power of the sun and SAVE!


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