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Solar PV

idaho solar powerSolar power is in bloom in Boise and we’re proud to be one of the companies that made it happen!
People in Idaho care about the environment as well as being self-sufficient, and solar photovoltaic power provides solutions for both those ideals. More than that however, everyone loves saving money that they don’t need to spend whenever they can – and solar helps you do that every month on your power bills!

By installing solar PV in your home you become your own power plant, cutting the cost you pay for electricity as your solar panels will produce all the power you need! There are even more ways to benefit from installing solar in your home, like a federal tax credit, and income-tax deductions. With these incentives the cost of installing solar is more affordable than ever and you’ll start saving on your monthly power bill the day it gets turned on.

How Many Panels Will My Home Need?
The number of panels you’ll need varies on how much energy your household uses. We look at your current power usage, not just the size of your roof, to not only see what your needs are now but how they may change in the future as well.

How Much Space Does It Take?
Generally, for every kilowatt installed a home solar PV system needs about 100 square feet. On average, most residental solar electric systems run between 3-6 KW, so you can expect it to take anywhere in the range of 300-600 square feet.

Why Install Solar PV?
There are many reasons to consider solar for your home. The foremost is energy independence, followed by the savings of on-going costs to keep your home comfortable. In addition by having solar power in your home you are more protected from the rising costs of energy in Idaho – because your home creates its own!

Solar power is just one of the energy saving solutions we provide!
We would love to talk more with you about how you can cut your power bill by harnessing the power of the sun – call 208-577-6537 or contact us for your free site estimate!


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