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Solar Panel Installation

idaho solarInstalling solar panels is a complicated and technical process. It can be somewhat slow, from choosing your system to purchasing, delivery and finally turning the system on. Sometimes this process can take a month, but it will be worth it in the end.

The first step is to have the FREE Solar site visit to see the energy consumed at the home or business to make sure it will be compatible with the energy system you are adding. The site visit will communicate all the details needed to install the new system. The condition of the roof is also evaluated for structural soundness. Also, the electrical panel will need to be evaluated and may require an upgrade, depending on the new system requirements. The heating and cooling system will also be reviewed to determine if an updated system would make sense to accomplish energy reduction prior to solving for the total energy load. The RENW solution is to remove as much energy from your home to start with then with what is left, which is typically 50% we then develop the best Solar PV solution for your home.

There is a lot of installation paperwork to take care of as well. The installer will likely take care of much of your paperwork, but you will want to be involved, especially if you will be getting incentives from the government for installing the system. Building/plumbing permits may also be necessary depending on your local requirements. The installer should be able to advise you on the restrictions and requirements for your area. The building/plumbing permit needs to be taken care of in a quick fashion to ensure the time frame for installation is not affected.

Now that the house has been evaluated, it is time to order the equipment. The affordable solar solution will be ordered, and the installation can be scheduled. Once the equipment arrives it will be time for installation. The installer will prepare the roof with racking for the system. The racks will support your panels and are attached to your roof. The roof racks are leveled and securely attached before the panels are added. The installation process can take a few days depending on the size of your system. Also, if you are installing a net metering system you may need to add some time to your installation time-frame for the approval and the installation of the net meter from Idaho Power.

Finally, the system is ready to go. A local representative may need to come by and inspect and approve the system before it can be turned on. After the inspection and approval, the panels can go live.

The installation of the solar equipment shouldn’t take more than a few days, but the overall process can take a few months because of the different inspections and waiting periods. The process is worth the wait once you can flip the switch and start creating your own power!

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