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Solar Thermal

idaho solar thermalSolar thermal is good for more than just heating your pool!
Anyone who owns a heated pool already knows how much it can costs to keep the temperature regulated, so consider then how much it must cost to heat all the water in your home year round! It’s no wonder that solar thermal is a wonderful solution for heating the water you use in your home, as well as the pool. But beyond even that the water heated by our whole home solar thermal systems can also keep you from having to shovel snow all Winter and even be used for radiant thermal heating to keep those toes warm too.

The solar thermal solutions we offer for your home ( and business! ) are a perfect compliment to the energy producing solar PV panels we offer as well; combined together you can see your monthly power bills cut down to mere pennies a day! By harnessing the radiant Ultra Violet energy of the sun to heat the water more directly our solar thermal systems are 94% efficient even on cloudy days. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your home all year long, and benefit from the low power costs every single month!

Does It Take A Lot of Room?
Not at all! A single unit is about 60 inches high and 61 inches wide; it weighs around 100lbs. The size of your home or business will change the number of units needed.

How Many Units Will We Need?
Usually, a single unit is sufficient for a residential home with a family of four. This varies depending on the size of your home or business, but we’re happy to provide free solar site estimates!

How Long Does It Take to Payback?
Generally, you can expect to have your system costs paid back by the amount of energy you’re saving in as little as 2-5 years! Best of all, you’ll start seeing savings and improved comfort from day one.

Want to know more about how solar thermal can help you slash your water heating costs down to practically nothing?
We’d love to show you all we have to offer – call 208-577-6537 or contact us today for your free site estimate!

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idaho solar thermal


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