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Reasons to Consider Home Solar

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Solar power for your home is a hot topic! More and more people are seeking energy independence as well as looking to cleaner, greener tech to provide solutions in their every day lives. Thankfully residential solar in Idaho is more efficient and more affordable than ever before. But why are some of the reasons YOU may want to consider solar pv for your home?

Cost Improvements
Not only is solar more efficient than ever it’s also more affordable. In years past the cost of adding solar to your home or including it in your build plan was a little daunting and could take up a considerable amount of your budget. And while we never want to tell people that solar is cheap by any means, it has definitely fallen in cost to the consumer over the last decade.

Your can begin saving on your home power bills immediately! This is money you can save or use for other improvement and maintenance for your home every single month. The amount you can save depends on your home energy usage as well as how many panels you have installed but more than just savings, in many cases, you may even receive additional incentives through federal and local programs.

When the grid goes down in a storm or other incident your home will still have ready power! Power for lights, power for refrigeration, and power to keep the kids from making you crazy until the internet is back on. Especially in remote areas, solar can provide a sense of security and stability with energy you can rely on.

Home Value
In many cases adding solar or other home energy solutions to your home while you are living there can equal better return should you decide to sell. Solar and energy improvements are some of the biggest home improvements that show return on investment and you’ll be happy you planned ahead when closing time comes.

No matter what your reasons, if you’ve been interested in solar for your home in Idaho for some time and been putting it off, now is the time!
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Harness the power of the sun to fuel your home or business for just pennies a day! Find out how much you can save!
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Solar thermal is a efficient way to heat all the water in your home! More than just hot showers, it can save you from shoveling snow too!
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Our whole house fans are one of the most efficient ways to cool your home and bring in fresh air!

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You don’t have to spend a lot to save a lot! Fact is, there are hundreds of ways to improve your home energy efficiency beyond solar!