True Solar Thermal

Not all solar energy solutions are created equal!
Most people are familiar with traditional solar photovoltaic power, used in the standard solar panels you see on many homes; which is great for generating electrical energy. What many people don’t know about is true solar thermal, which is a powerhouse leader for hvac solutions as it does more than just create electrical energy.

You see, rather than using the sun for generating electrical power to then heat your water we use the radiant UltraViolet energy of the sun itself to heat the water more directly – making true Solar Thermal 94% efficient vs. Solar PV which is typically only 17% efficient – even on cloudy days!

This technology is great for more than just heating your pool though! Solar thermal is a great option for cooling your home, melting snow on your driveways and walks, and much more. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how putting our solutions to work for you can help cut your energy costs by using the power of the sun!