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Use Solar Thermal for Warmer Floors!

Radiant Flooring using Solar Thermal

Our cold winter mornings here in Idaho are more enjoyable with the addition of radiant floor heat. Walking on the cold tile first thing in the morning can be a shock to your system. Adding a radiant floor heating system alleviates this problem. Using a solar thermal radiant floor heating system is even better. Not only will you enjoy warm floors, but you’ll save money while being more environmentally friendly doing it!

Solar Thermal Offers Better Efficiency

Solar thermal applications harness the power of the sun to directly warm the floors in your home. Since we know that heat rises, keeping your floors warm will have an overall warming effect for the entire room. Unlike older systems that required large water storage tanks to be heated from boilers, solar thermal technology takes advantage of evacuated solar tubes, which are 94% efficient, placed on your roof, resulting in a much smaller footprint than in years past.

When most people think of solar energy, they tend to think of the Photovoltaic (PV) panels that turn solar energy into power. This technology has its place, but solar thermal evacuated tubes are three times more efficient. This saves the homeowner or business owner money by directly impacting the cost of heating water.

Cooling the Radiant Floors

The RENW team has developed a unique process to cool your house with hydronics.  This system works to cool the slab with cold water.  Typically there is no cost to operate this option to provide FREE cooling for your home.   Please contact us to learn about this great option.

The Way to Net-Zero

Using solar thermal solutions helps many homes get to their goal of being “net-zero”. The US Government defines net-zero as, “generally speaking, a zero-energy building produces enough renewable energy to meet its own annual energy consumption requirements, thereby reducing the use of non-renewable energy in the building sector”. By dramatically cutting the cost of heating water for applications other than just radiant heat, the PV panels will have less work to do supplying the rest of the home with clean, renewable energy.

If you are considering any type of solar project, call Renewable Energy NW first. Let us give you a free solar site audit, explaining how solar thermal technology best fits into your overall plan. Whether you’re in the Boise area, or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest, adding solar energy to your long-term plan is a great idea. It’s even better if you add the elements in a way that cuts your cost up-front and improves your overall efficiency.

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