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Whole House Comfort – Year Round!

If there was one thing about this Summer in Idaho: it was hot. And it was hot too!
While the worst of the searing temperatures have passed those of you who had a working air conditioner are likely breathing a sigh of relief – because your power bill will finally go down (just in time for Winter heating season)! Don’t despair! Renewable Energy NW is here with a message of hope for your home, and it’s that you can live comfortably in your home year round without the high power costs thanks to our whole home holistic energy solutions.

While Solar Thermal and Solar PV are a big part of our business, and have been since we started over a decade ago, we have grown to now offer even more ways for you to save! This includes Whole Home Fans that are whisper quiet as well as innovative energy recommendations that will surprise you in how easy they are to implement in your home.

But, you’re saying: I already have an air conditioner – why do I need a house fan?
For one, a whole house fan doesn’t just cool the air in your home, it completely exchanges it! This means not only are you getting cooler air, you’re getting fresher air too. With a whole house fan your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, if at all, to keep the air in your home at just the right temperature.

And quiet too! No more ka-chang, thump! In the middle of the night and no more jet engine sound outside your house all day long.
Whole house fans are practically silent, keep the core of your home cooler, and reduce the thermal heat mass of your house overall. Even better – our Quietcool fans can even help you enjoy your home more in Winter too!

During the colder months when your home is more closed off, stale air can build up and dramatically affect the quality of your breathing. While whole home fans are mainly for cooling your house this is not their only function! It’s a little known secret that with a QuietCool whole house fan, you can rapidly exchange the air in your home with fresh air from outside. Exchanging the air in your home in the daytime during winter will not only warm your house but will push out a lot the airborne pathogens that may exist in the home.

Find out more about how much you can save on your energy bill every month – talk to us!
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