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Every Day Is A Good Day For Solar!

idaho solar thermalWe’ve been having a great Spring here in Idaho!
Temperatures have already started to warm up and there’s been a decent amount of rain to help green up our beautiful valley.

Cloudy days are one thing that people often ask about when they first see our solar thermal technology: “What about when the sun isn’t bright?” they ask.

Well, the good news is our technology functions largely on radiant solar energy – the energy of the sun itself, not necessarily the light from it alone – meaning that even on overcast days your system will still be efficiently providing hot water to your home or business.

Do you have questions about how you can cut your energy bills by harnessing the power of the sun? Our whole home holistic solar solutions can help you save; we’d love the chance to share with you the benefits of going green! Call 208-577-6537 for your FREE solar site consultation today!

Solar is Building a Brighter Future for Idaho!

One of the best investments that you can make for your IRA or retirement is Solar.
By investing in solar you are stabilizing your energy costs for the future in case your income won’t keep up with the increasing energy costs. These savings are tax free and will pay dividends on a monthly basis. The Whole Home Holistic solution for many homes payback is less than 8 years estimating a 5% energy escalator – with a +15% energy escalator more likely to happen!
We have great home builders here in Idaho who can help you build a quality home specific to your style and needs. Flynner Building Company and Earthcraft Construction are two I have worked with recently and would recommend. From heated pools to hot water for the home, radiant heated floors and more, there are any number of ways to work solar thermal into finishing the heating and hot water requirements for most any home.
Before you build please call us for a free solar site visit  208-577-6537 !