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RENW Team Gains OG 300 Certification


Renewable Energy NW LLC Obtains OG-300 Program Certification

Customers Excited For Even Better Incentives And Quality Standards


solar power idahoRenewable Energy NW LLC has just been awarded the OG-300 Program Certification for their solar thermal HVAC systems. This major certification is one more step take in staying on the cusp of available technology as part of their on-going mission to serve their customers with the very best energy solutions.

This designation means that the solar thermal systems from Renewable Energy NW LLC have been evaluated by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) and approved for OG-300 certification. The operating guidelines for this program insure a certain level of quality and efficiency for solar thermal systems that bear it’s certification seal of approval, and is even required in some states in order to be applicable for some incentives.

Simply put, OG-300 certification is the best way to ensure that your solar thermal system will not only meet local regulations and incentive program requirements but also the standards set anywhere in the U.S.

While Renewable Energy NW LLC is already proud to be the lowest cost per BTU system in the USA, this new certification provides these additional benefits to their customers:

Greater Incentives
Some incentive program are not even available without this certifications.

Safety And Durability
Engineers review the system and it’s components to insure they meet comprehensive requirements.

OG-300 certification includes high quality modeling to gauge to performance and energy savings the system can provide from a fair an unbiased third party.

Quality Assurance
Set performance standards help guarantee the level of quality and efficiency so that the consumer can be certain they are making informed choices.

About Renewable Energy NW LLC:
For over a decade Renewable Energy NW LLC has provided the very best in solar thermal HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications.
They have installed over 1,000 solar thermal panels across the state of Idaho and are the premiere source for radiant solar snow melt and solar thermal cooling in the Northwest.

Solar Thermal Does More Than Heat – How COOL Is That?!

Solar Thermal, despite being somewhat of a newer alternative energy technology is finally settling in to the broader awareness of consumers across the nation. It’s ability to cut costs by saving on heating the water for your home is easily it’s most well known application, with solar radiant heating and snow melt being close behind. But did you also know that the same system that you can use to slash your energy budget in half can also help cool your home or business as well?

It’s TRUE!

solar thermalFloor cooling is similar to floor heating that has been used in Europe and other parts of the world over the last several decades. The lines we use to run solar radiant heating through your floors can just as easily use the cool water already present in your home to circulate cool water throughout the building as well.

This ambient cooling provides a great, efficient way to move cooler temperatures through your home in the Summer months without overburdening your electrical system. This style of comfort cooling is exceptional because it works in harmony with your body, cooling not only through the touch but also by lowering the temperature of the air itself as the cooler air moves through the system.

Radiant cooling energy savings depend on the climate and other factors, but on average across the US savings are over 20% compared to conventional systems.  Solar radiant cooling also generally has lower first costs and lifecycle costs compared to conventional systems. While solar radiant heating and cooling may not be right for all applications, spaces with large air volumes, such as loading docks and warehouses, are especially good for radiant floor heating because heating all that air would be inefficient.

In more typical uses solar radiant hvac is more efficient than forced air heating or cooling because there are no drafts or duct losses.

Whether it’s for adding comfort to your home or business, we know that solar thermal can help you save on your energy costs!
Through our partnerships with other exceptional local service provides we’re able to create a comprehensive and holistic energy plan that’s sure to help you save by harnessing the power of the sun! Call 208-577-6537 today to schedule your free solar site visit!

Solar Thermal Efficiency

We love sharing our solar thermal solutions with people and have been fortunate to be part of several home shows this year where we’ve been able to show off our amazing technology! Most people are familiar with traditional Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) systems that have been used for years to generate electric power from the sun but very few know about the true solar thermal technology that we provide.

solar thermal idaho
While regular solar PV can be used to create power very well it falls short when it comes to providing hot water when compared to solar thermal. You see solar PV takes the electrical power it gathers from the direct sunlight and then heats your homes water much in the normal way it always has; this provides an efficiency rate of only about 14%. Alternately, true solar thermal systems use radiant ultra violet energy from the sun to heat water itself providing efficiency upwards of 94% – even on cloudy days.

Both systems have similar tax incentives and are a wonderful alternative to energy from the grid. They even work very well together, along with other solar products like solar lighting, solar attic fans, and other HVAC innovations. And it’s not just for new homes, we love providing whole home holistic solar solutions for existing homes as well! When we update your HVAC with an energy efficient system and add our additional solar HVAC options it’s possible to remove 50% of the total energy from your home.

But, we live in IDAHO! What about Winter time?
Our system uses evacuated glass tubes that contain a vacuum – one of the best natural insulators. We have been in business almost 8 years now and up until this last winter – one of the coldest and snowiest on record in 30 years! – we have never had to sweep off snow; the system is set up so inside the house everything has 100% back up just in case. Our radiant solar snow melting walkways are also a great addition to help keep the flurries at bay.

Make Your Home Into A Solar Powerhouse!

A lot of people think that to see any real benefit from solar that you have to have huge sprawling tube arrays all over your roof – that just is not true! A one panel system like this hooked up to existing water heater is $4500 installed cost prior to incentives. Put together with a 30% federal tax credit and 100% deduction on Idaho State taxes over 4 years and there’s no denying that solar saves dollars and makes sense!

idaho solarOur solar thermal solutions are particularly effective when combined with solar PV from our partners at Evengreen Technology!

Here you will see solar radiant heating and water heating combined with another group of panels provide solar thermal snow melt. It is by blending our technology together that we can provide a superior solution and move many homes closer to net zero.

The RENW team visited this customer recently to take a solar shade off the first solar thermal panel.
This renewable energy project was installed in February of 2016; they turned off their hot water heater that month. The extra energy beyond providing all the hot water they will need in the winter will also assist heating the house. With Winter predicted to hit hard this year the difference comfort a solar radiant system could make for you family is something you can feel. No more chilly toes, a warm cozy house, AND lower energy costs – that’s all win!

Have you been considering the move to solar? Prices on installation have continued to go down as efficiency has gone up; it’s a great time to consider the savings that going green can provide for you. We LOVE helping our customer slash their energy bills and live more sustainable lives!

We’re Building A Better Idaho!

We are loving 2016! Beyond it just being a very active year for solar thermal we’re thoroughly enjoying the opportunities we’ve been given to work with some of the valleys most progressive home builders.

solar thermal homeThe RENW team just finishing up this rooftop install in conjunction with Flynner Homes.
The home itself is facing South for optimal energy collection and features a slightly sloped TPO membrane seal roof and will be using energy from the sun to heat water 365 days a year!

We also just finished another solvar HVAC install with Earthcraft Construction!
We love their attention to detail and passion for using advanced technology to build energy savings right into their homes. One of our favorite project has been the straw bale homes they’ve been creating –  these systems will heat/cool the home and provide the hot water as well! The home owner is adding 10 Solar Photo Voltaic panels and estimated total cost of energy for the home is $60 – that’s $60 is per YEAR!

But solar isn’t just for saving on your home energy costs! Harmony Organic Dairy in Twin Falls is already saving since they made the switch to solar thermal! The system we installed for them will create over 1,000 gallons of 170 degree water every single day for cleaning and sanitation uses. The dairy was awarded a USDA REAP grant covering 25% of the installed cost of the project! Sustainable organic milk? Now that’s good for the body and the soul!

These teams of future minded companies are helping to build an even better Boise and Treasure Valley! The RENW team would love the opportunity to speak with you about how harnessing the power of solar can help you cut your energy costs this year – just call 208-577-6537 for your FREE solar site estimate today!