Solar Thermal and PV Panel Maintenance & Cleaning
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Solar Thermal and PV Panel Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintaining Solar Equipment

Installing a solar power system is a big undertaking and expense so you will likely want to do everything you can to keep it working, safely and efficiently. Maintaining and cleaning your solar panels is vital to keeping the system working at maximum capacity, providing solar hot water and power for your home or business.

First, scheduling annual cleanings of your solar panels is a good idea. If you live in a dusty area you may even need more frequent cleanings. Dirt, grime and droppings can accumulate on the panels causing them to be less effective. This is just one step of maintaining your solar panels.

During a yearly solar panel cleaning, you will need to follow a few steps, or ensure your solar panel cleaner follows these steps. First, check with your manufacturer’s handbook and see what specific cleaning recommendations they have. Following the manufacturer’s protocol is always a wise decision. Second, schedule your cleaning for a cool, cloudy day, early morning or late afternoon. Cleaning panels in the height of summer can be dangerous because in some cases they can become extremely hot.

In some cases, only a stream of water is needed to clean the dirt or dust off the panels. A squeegee and soapy water can be effective in more grimy situations. Avoid using any metal or harsh products to remove the dirt. Scratching or clouding the glass on the solar panel can have a negative impact on your system.

It is also important to have your solar panels electrical components checked and maintained. A solar power system check should be performed annually. These solar panel maintenance checks allow the equipment to be evaluated and the critical components checked. The solar inverter and solar panels need to run properly to power your home and with a yearly maintenance check they will continue to do so year after year. During the maintenance check, technicians will look for signs of wear or damage. Some repairs may need to be made on the spot like replacing seals or other small repairs.

Maintaining and cleaning your solar panels is a great way to keep them working for years to come. A professional solar panel cleaning is the safest way to get your panels clean and keep them functioning at their peak.