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3 Reasons Why Solar Power Matters

It’s likely no surprise that people in our industry truly believe that using solar power is important. It’s important for many reasons, not the least of which is the long-term savings you’ll experience as you become less dependent on the existing energy grid. But here are three reasons other than financial that we believe make solar power an absolute must in your Boise area home or business.

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Get Ready for Retirement Now with Solar Power

Most Americans will look to spend less once they enter retirement years. It just makes sense. Typically, you’re making less money, so you’ll want to find ways to spend less to maintain your current standard of living. One way to save in retirement is by decreasing your dependency on utility companies for supplying power to your home. By using renewable resources like solar energy, we can dramatically reduce, if not remove altogether, our need for power from the electric company.

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Solar Thermal Answer for Frozen Driveways, Patios and Walks

Shoveling sidewalks, patios and driveways is hard work. It’s even harder if you put it off too long and it sits overnight in the sub-freezing temperatures. While using a snow blower helps, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to deal with it at all? We’re not talking about moving to Florida. We’re talking about a smart solution that’s available right here in Southern Idaho. Solar thermal snow melting uses the sun’s rays to keep your driveway, sidewalks, and patios clear of snow and ice, regardless of the temperature.

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Use Solar Thermal for Warmer Floors!

Our cold winter mornings here in Idaho are more enjoyable with the addition of radiant floor heat. Walking on the cold tile first thing in the morning can be a shock to your system. Adding a radiant floor heating system alleviates this problem. Using a solar thermal radiant floor heating system is even better. Not only will you enjoy warm floors, but you’ll save money while being more environmentally friendly doing it!

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