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Exciting times for solar!

It really is a wonderful time to be involved in the green energy revolution! Over this past Memorial Day we had some time to reflect on just how fortunate we are here in Idaho to be poised at the forefront of all the great things that solar is bringing to our country. Things in the Northwest are heating up and the sun is shining bright on the future of solar in Idaho!

Idaho Solar Thermal
Just recently we had a smile delivered to us by one of our RENW customers!

Intermountain Gas just showed up to see if the meter was broken… trying to figure out why I’m reporting so little gas used. We just had to smile – that’s the power of solar thermal!

Another common question many ask is what we mean by a “whole home solar solution”. That is simply our term we use to describe the fact that we offer the best overall value to our customers by combining the technologies of our renewable energy partners in thermal, PV, and HVAC, as well as forward thinking Idaho home builders.

Solar thermal alone is impressive enough, costing just pennies a day to run, but when you combine it’s efficiency with other home solutions like solar attic fans, solar lighting, and solar electric you simply can’t lose! We’d love the chance to talk to you about your specific home or business needs – call 208-577-6537 today for your free solar site estimate!

Every Day Is A Good Day For Solar!

idaho solar thermalWe’ve been having a great Spring here in Idaho!
Temperatures have already started to warm up and there’s been a decent amount of rain to help green up our beautiful valley.

Cloudy days are one thing that people often ask about when they first see our solar thermal technology: “What about when the sun isn’t bright?” they ask.

Well, the good news is our technology functions largely on radiant solar energy – the energy of the sun itself, not necessarily the light from it alone – meaning that even on overcast days your system will still be efficiently providing hot water to your home or business.

Do you have questions about how you can cut your energy bills by harnessing the power of the sun? Our whole home holistic solar solutions can help you save; we’d love the chance to share with you the benefits of going green! Call 208-577-6537 for your FREE solar site consultation today!

Solar Has The Power To Last!

Spring is in full swing and the RENW team is already hard at work in 2015!

We often get asked how durable our solar tubes are and the answer is VERY! We just removed a solar thermal install off a roof that had hail damaged – the tubes were not damaged. The roof itself was not so lucky; we will reinstall after the roof is replaced.

Small but mighty! The RENW team also just completed a single panel install that will heat hot water for a family of four.
The only moving part is the circulation pump which costs less than $1/month to run. You don’t have to cover your entire roof to go green!

More great feedback from our solar customers:
In mid-December we completed an install for a home to include radiant floor heat. The previous heat source was propane. We installed 4 – 30 tube panels for the home and water heating and also installed a new 80 gallon electric hot water tank.

The customer is happy to report that since the installation was completed it has not used any propane, saving them a bundle. NICE!!

The RENW team loves helping our customers save money on their energy needs.
Please call us for a free solar sight visit. Thanks. 208-577-6537

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