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Straw Houses and Solar Savings

It’s hard not to get excited when we see so many people saving with solar here in Idaho! What’s more, it’s helping change the way we think about how we build homes and commercial buildings in relation to their environment; that is leading to innovation. 2016 has been a year of amazing growth for the RENW team and we feel very fortunate to continue to have the opportunity to work with others in our great state who have a passion for building a better Idaho.

We’re 1,000 panels install strong thanks to all of our great realtors, builders, dairies, and of course all of YOU!
Amazing! Let’s keep growing strong with solar!

Some of the people who helped make it happen include:
Earthcraft Construction Legacy Homes Paradigm Construction Company Berkeley Building Company, Inc. Flynner design+build Northern Construction Keath Bennett Realtor & Builder United Dairymen of Idaho and all our great partners!

One such project you likely heard of was the straw house in Boise! We got to be part of this wonderful project first hand with our partners at Earthcraft Construction and were thrilled at the reception it received from the local community. Designer Mark L. Hixson is no stranger to straw homes and the many benefits this style of ultra-green construction can provide, having first built his first straw house in 2010.

“It’s cheaper to build, the heating and cooling costs are ten times less than a normal home,” Lung said. “It’s sustainable, you are using a waste product (and) supporting local farmers.”

Falling in line with recent home design trends like the tiny house movement this latest build features a 980 square foot home with a dynamic design with a annual heating and cooling cost right around $65. That’s not a typo dear reader – that’s a 6 and a 5, no 0 behind it to heat and cool and home for the entire year. With figures like that you can see why we’re more than just a little bit excited about the amazing things going on here in the Treasure Valley!

Want to talk more about the straw house and how solar thermal is changing construction in the Northwest?
We’d love to talk to you more! Call for a free estimate or come see us this July 28-31, 2016 at the Canyon County Fair as we kick off the Summer of Solar!