Solar Hot Water Heating in Idaho

Solar hot water for a dairy and calf barn in Idaho.

Renewable Energy NW, LLC (RENW) completed our largest installation to date for a Dairy Farm and Calf Barn in the Magic Valley in Idaho.  The installation was 48 solar thermal panels capable of creating 1.6 million BTU’s of energy on a clear winter day and over 2 million BTU’s per day in the summer time.

The installation was on roof peak which ran N and S.  We installed 12 panels on the east side of the Calf barn and 12 panels on the west side of the roof.    The panels were installed as their own system on each side of the roof.  The panels are facing south for maximum collection of the radiation.  This allows the east roof section to start up with the first line of site of the sun and then the west side when the sun progresses and hits that side of the roof.  Each 12 panel section has its own pump and solar controller to manage the collection of energy from the sun.  This same set up was also installed on the roof of the dairy barn with 24 panels total split into two sides.

The system is working well and capturing free energy from the sun.