Radiant Solar Floors and More!

The leaves have turned and the temps are dropping…will you be laying on a cold shop floor or spending your valuable free time shoveling snow off the drive?
It doesn’t have to be that way thanks to the power of the sun!
The Renewable Energy Northwest team is here to help you stay warm this Winter and save money on energy all year long! Our radiant solar flooring and solar walkways offer great solutions for our customers looking to heat their homes and keep the snow at bay.
Solar thermal isn’t just for the home! We had the chance to revisit a past client who owns a commercial car wash where we completed a install 4 years ago. We updated the supply and return lines with our latest more durable product; also added controls to monitor the heat out of each of the solar thermal panel sections.
Just as an update on their conversion to solar: They still haven’t turned on the natural gas to assist heating the water since the install! All the car washes from March until the end of October were washed with the power of the sun!
Now, we can’t prove it…but we’ve heard that cars washed with solar hot water get better gas mileage.
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