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How Solar Thermal Hot Water Saves You Money!

Solar thermal hot water

In today’s economy, it’s very important to find ways to save money wherever possible. One of the ways you can save is using solar thermal hot water. Never heard of it? It’s a simple concept that harnesses the power of the sun for one of your home’s most expensive daily tasks…heating water!


The best thing about solar power is that it is dependable! Day in and day out, you can trust the sun to come up and do its job. Unlike other “off-grid” power sources such as wind power, solar power is predictable and steady. In the Boise area, we enjoy many sunny days throughout the year. The best part? We don’t need direct sunlight to generate the solar thermal process. Thanks to a much higher rate of efficiency versus typical solar panels (94% versus 17% on average), solar thermal works well on sunny and cloudy days.


If you think about the work that your traditional water heater performs each day, it can make you scratch your head! How long per day are we actually using hot water? Maybe an hour or two? The traditional water heating system keeps hot water ready to go 24 hours per day…just in case we need it. That’s expensive! Solar thermal hot water is smart because it’s essentially free to heat the water that you “might” need at any point throughout the day instead of heating it with gas or electricity.


Once you have realized there is a smarter and more effective way to heat water, call your local solar thermal experts at Renewable Energy NW. Our Boise area solar experts will give you a free, on-site solar audit and walk you through each aspect of your solar journey. They’ll help you make sense of the technology and save you money as they do it!