Earth Day in Idaho

Renewable Energy Northwest’s solar thermal installations last year:

Earth Day April 22, 2013.  On this day it is a good time to think about what have your done to take better care of the Earth.   I would like to walk through what Renewable Energy NW, LLC (RENW) has accomplished this last year:

Installed 3 dairies with solar thermal applications for heating process water for clean up. 96 Solar Thermal Panels offsetting 192,ooo pounds of carbon pollution or the equivalent of removing 96 – Honda 4 cylinder cars from the road, each year.

Home installations most of which included a 2 panel install heating the hot water and assisting comfort heating.  These solar thermal installations have provided family wage jobs and local spending for an Idaho local business.

2 – Kuna

1 – Meridian

1 – Boise

1 – Weiser

1 – New Plymouth

1 – Notus

1 – Garden Valley

1 – Coeur D Alene

School in Cascade

I want to thank all of my customers for making a choice to save money and do something to make all of our lives more sustainable.